Products of the Hive

First off….for those that wonder “What is creamed honey?”

Everyone has seen what happens to liquid honey, after some time it gets hard and crystallized.  Well creamed honey is a process where we force the liquid honey to crystallize prematurely in a controlled environment.  It takes a week to go from the liquid state to the creamed state and the finished product is pure honey that is creamy and smooth, but you don’t have the mess and drips that comes with the liquid honey.  And whether you like it in it’s original natural taste or is you prefer one of the other 11 flavors that we have it makes a sweet treat!  But many ask “What do you do with it?

Spread it on toast, pancakes, muffins, bagels, waffles, and biscuits.

Stir it into hot teas and coffees.

Stir it into hot chocolate (would suggest the cinnamon) or hot cereal.

For the holiday season use it as a glaze on your turkey or ham.

If you have company come over pull out a bag of crackers, chips or pretzels and you have an instant dip.

And for the really creative……. Now normally we would tell you to keep the creamed honey out of the fridge or freezer because it will get hard as a brick (no kidding), but put it in the freezer.  Melt some chocolate chips or chocolate bar and then take a small scoop of the creamed honey and while it’s still hard dip it into the chocolate and quickly onto a sheet of wax paper.  The heat from the chocolate will liquefy the honey while it hardens leaving you with soft centered bon-bons! Yum!!

Take a spoonful of the creamed honey for a sore throat or cough.  As you eat it it slowly coats and soothes the throat.  Great for children!

If you have other ideas please email us or post in the comments and we will add them!



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